Why WordPress Owner’s Need to Learn What A ‘CVE’ Is!

Hi and welcome to another great post from the Help 4 Network. Today we will be looking at why EVERY WordPress Owner should know not only what “CVE” stands for, but also a good understanding of how to keep updated on where to find these “CVE”.

So the first thing I would say on the board is, WHAT IS A CVE?? Shortly put it stands for “Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures”. Now I bet that made ZERO Sense. So the longer version is these are the ways that are commonly known around the Internet of how to break in, make changes too, and over all mess with what ever piece of software we are talking about. In this case WordPress.

Now for “Why should I bother to keep up on this?” Well if you DO NOT HAVE A WAF (Check out our F.A.Q. for explanation) you will want to stay on these types of websites 24/7. Because you won’t have someone watching your back to make sure these ways are blocked and hackers can’t mess with your website. Now we all know we don’t have time to watch our websites 24/7. So why not have the peice of mind and let Help4 WordPress take care of that site?

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