Bait Spam Emails on the Rise

Be on the look out for email messages that create a sense of urgency that you are going to lose something. They do this so you mind has a mini panic attack and all it takes is one second to no think clearer and you hand over your login details or make a payment to a fake website. 

Here is a good example, “Your domain WILL BE TERMINATED WITHING 24 HOURS” 

  1. Any company managing your domain registration will not type in ALL CAPS. It’s not professional. 
  2. In this example you can see the payment link is to a, what and where on earth is a .GA from? A quick google search tells us that belongs to the country Gabon. An African country west of the Republic of the Congo.  ICANN WIKI  
Double check any website that wants you to give it money. 2020 was one of the worst years on record for hacking, scams, and fraud. I guess when you quarantine hackers they just have more time to think and plot. Be careful,  it’s a cold world out there, grab a coat. 

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