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Why should I choose a team to help with my WordPress instead of just a single Dev/Designer?

In today’s landscape, your Developer or Designer needs to have more behind them just themselves. In today’s world the landscape of Hosting, Web Application Optimizations, Security, and Everything else that goes along with a website is ever-changing roles. So much so that one person has to work over drive to keep up. Believe me when I say I am speaking from experience. You simply need a team to help manage it all.

With how fast Vulnerabilities have hit the web and the ever-changing roles of security are enough to keep someone busy full time. Take a look at THIS and just look at how many ways WordPress can be broken and all of the plugins you have to pay attention too. Do you think the 500K users of Elementor knew right away that version 2.9.10 was an issue? No. It took teams of people to know that and figure that out. It took even more knowledge and know-how to figure out if the version that replaced this one will work with all of your other plugins without issues. Then add in all of the research that goes with that. Now we are talking about some serious amounts of time!

Why not just hire a team that deals in WordPress as if it was in our DNA? Hire Help 4 WordPress and replace all of the different things you need to have just to get your WordPress going and keep it going.

The Help 4 Network maintains a network of Ethical Hackers to ensure we stay on top of all of the news. Our team is also doing nothing but web technology all day long even if they work another job it still pertains to what we do here. Making our team the 24/7 watchdogs you need to make sure your site stays online and active! Our team can boast of time at multiple Fortune 500 Companies and even top-level Security Firms in this industry. When it comes to our Clients and their WordPress install we take ZERO chances and work actively to stay ahead of the things and people who want to see you offline.

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Why Help 4 WordPress Needs to Be Included With Hosting & Security All-IN-One

In today’s world who has time to call The Web Hosting Company, The Domain Registrar, The Web Application FireWall Team, The Web Developer, and Possibly even the Web Designer just to figure out whose problem it is that your website is offline yet again today? Do you call your local cable company and they say you have to call someone else because they don’t provide this part or that part of your internet service or is it all in one with TV and possibly a Security System for your home right? Well then why can’t someone simply handle it all for you when it comes to your companies online presence?

We are talking Web Hosting, Website, Updates, Domain Registration, Website Security, Web Development, and Web Design with a pinch of Graphic Design in one place. No more contacting 20 companies when you need to get back to what it is that you do! We are the ones with over 2 decades of experience providing Web Solutions to clients of all sizes. Let us make sure that even if your site is down for some reason that it isn’t really down. Let us also teach you what that even means!

Stop messing with Web Hosting Companies that tell you they don’t do web development or design. Stop messing with Web Developers who can’t tell you why your server isn’t working. Stop with the Web Designers who sell you a Web Site but have no clue how to update it and when it breaks they just fall off the earth. Just come to Help 4 WordPress for all of you WordPress Help. Adding Help 4 WordPress.Com to the Catelog that is YOUR Web Presence now will make it so you Pay 1 Bill for everything and only contact 1 Place to handle everything in your WordPress.

Help 4 WordPress Includes Daily Backup’s Period. No Added charge just its there. What we charge for is how fast you want things done. How about Website Security? Anything above Bronze Monthly Packages includes Website Security Meaning no Extra Charges. What about that always expensive Graphic Design Help? Starting at the Diamond Package Graphic Design Services (Unlimited Images within reason) are included. Meaning yet again no need to go anywhere but here. How about that Web Developer who never answers and calls back at 10pm as you are going to bed? Not Needed and you can upgrade Development all the way up to Platinum and we can talk full on iOS or Android applications that add functions to your WordPress for the User Experience.

So stop playing around with random developers and acting like a developer and designer should be something you just randomly pick and not do your research about! Come to Help 4 WordPress and truly get the help you have needed for that WordPress!


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Who should I turn to for WordPress Help?

So why is it important for me to know what I am looking for in the person or company I get WordPress Help from? First its because your time is worth as much as theirs is. This is something that higher-end developers and designers sometimes forget when handling clients. So make sure they respect your time. Next, ensure they have done other websites or have worked for companies that you have actually heard of and can verify work with. Here at Help 4 WordPress, we have a list of clients that will gladly answer their phone and say they are a proud client of Help 4 WordPress and absolutely love the work we do. So even if it isn’t us make sure the person or agency you work with can do the same. If they can’t, RUN!!!!

Now we also want to make sure that language is not a barrier. That goes both with English Speaking Customers and Non-English. Make sure you and the person or team you hire are completely firing on the same wavelength here. Getting WordPress Help is hard enough when the person you are speaking with doesn’t understand anything you are saying. Doesn’t matter what language you speak, frustration knows no borders. Here at Help 4 WordPress we simply want to help everyone with their WordPress Issues. Even if that means pointing you to one of our competitors or even to a completely different platform than WordPress.

So with Help 4 WordPress just simply wanting to Help You With Your WordPress Issues and Help for WordPress is what we will do. Why not simply contact us and ask the question, Can you Help Me with My WordPress? I am betting we can Help with your WordPress. If we can’t we bet we know who can!