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How To Migrate WordPress from cPanel to a new cPanel

This guide will show you how to step-by-step migrate a WordPress website from your current cPanel to a different cPanel. There are many reasons why you would need to do this. You may have built the site for someone and need to migrate it to their own account. You could be moving from one hosting company to another. We will start off in the cPanel you are wanting to move your website out of. Let’s get started!

Step 1 Locate Your Current WordPress Files

We first need to make sure we are grabbing the correct files. An easy way is to locate the domains section and click on the Domains Icon. Once that loads up you will see all the domains attached to your cPanel and the Document Root the website files are located in. Simply click on the Document Root link and it will load in a new tab.

cPanel Domains Section
cPanel Domains List

Step 2 Identify Your Database Name

Now that we are in the folder that contains your website files we need to locate a file called “wp-config.php”. This file contains the name of the database your site is connected to. We want to grab a copy of the database but we have to know which one it is first. Please locate the file and right-click on it and select view. In my example below, you will see a line of text:
define( ‘DB_NAME’, ‘i6276752_wp4’ );

The database name my site is using is named: i6276752_wp4

Later we will download a copy of this. Save this information for later.

WordPress Files
WordPress Connection String

Step 3 Compress Your Files

We need to make sure hidden files are showing for this next step. In the File Manager, there is a settings button with a gear icon in the top right. Click on the gear and make sure to check the checkbox next to “Show hidden files.”

cPanel Hidden Files

Now we can click on “Select all” at the top of our screen and then click compress in the upper right of our screen. You can rename the file before completing this action. Remember to download this ZIP file.

Download a copy of your Database. cPanel > Backups (in files section). Select the Database name you identified earlier.


Step 4 Upload Your Files and Database

From the cPanel main screen. Find the software section and look for the “Select PHP Version” Icon.
1. This needs to match the PHP version you had on the other hosting plan. You can upgrade after you setup the website.
2. We want to increase max upload size in the options section.


cPanel > File Manager > go to folder ‘public_html’

Click on Upload button and drag your zip file and database file on to window. Leave the tab open and let file upload. Lets go back to cPanel main screen so we can restore the database.

cPanel Backup Wizard
MySQL restore on cPanel

Step 5 Add Database User and Connect to Database

Remember this information from step 1? We need to add the User and password and add the user to the database we want to use.

WordPress Connection String
cPanel User Privileges

Step 6 You’re Done

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Put Your Website On A Diet!

Are customers complaining about your website as being sluggish?

COVID-19 brings new challenges to the table. With the lockdowns, quarantine & surprise enrollment in homeschool, the internet has sustained a massive increase of people that would not normally be online. This has lead to massive congestion of internet traffic and frustrated end users.

How To Slim Down Your Homepage

Take a serious look at your homepage, the first page that loads when you go to your website. Review your entire page top to bottom. Look at all the information and mentally note pieces of information that are not absolutely needed to tell the customer what to do or where to go next. If your page is longer in length that two of your screen heights (top to bottom x2) We need to split your homepage into 2 parts. Part A and Part B.

Screen Height Example

  1. All that non-essential information needs to go on to Homepage B. (you will want to create a new page)
  2. Homepage A should have all the essential information needed for the customer to know what to do and where to go next.
  3. If there are any images you can remove, do so. If you have background videos playing I highly advise you to lose it for the time being.
  4. It is perfectly okay to have a note on Homepage A about how you have slimmed down your site and why.

Dear Customer, Our website looks a little different today. We are slimming down in order to ensure a site that loads quickly for you. The Internet has experienced heavy traffic and has slowed down since COVID-19 events started. Many people are home working online and students are video conferencing with teachers. The rest of our home page can be found by clicking this button over here. Thank you for your flexibilty.

Website being squeezed