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In this area you will find ways to Help Yourself with WordPress and get Yourself out of Simple Jams like a Stuck Maintenance Mode.  Here at want to earn your business not just by doing a good job, but by educating our end-users to do things themselves and lower costs.  Knowledge is key and the Help4 Network is here for more then just money!

Who should I turn to for WordPress Help?

Why not simply contact us and ask the question, Can you Help Me with My WordPress? I am betting we can Help with your WordPress. If we can’t we bet we know who can!

Ticket System Outage Noticed

Dear Valued Customers, We noticed today that our ticket system was stuck in a loop due to a change in the parent folder it

How-To Update WordPress Safely

Upgrading WordPress can be one of the most terrifying experiences about WordPress to date. We know we all have hit the update to welcome the white screen of death!