How-To Update WordPress Safely

How-To Update WordPress Safely

We all know how scary this task can be. Making sure to backup before you get started is key though. Now what if you can't do it on your own with the follow information? Let The Help4 Team give you a hand!

Now To Help Get The Rest Of Us Going

  1. Ensure to have at least a backup copy of the “wp-content” and the SQL Database.
  2. Ensure the “Core Version” of WordPress is updated.  This will aid if there are errors and making sure the newest core features are around to assist.
  3. Update the Plugin’s that aren’t part of any other plugin first.  Say the Plugin you use for backing up you WordPress or the Limit Login Plugin you use.
  4. Update the Plugins that support other Plugins like all of the extra Plugins you need to run Woocommerce.  I.E. Payment Gateways or others.
  5. Now we update the “LARGE PLUGINS” like Woocommerce and anything else that requires other things to be updated first.
  6. The last update we do is to any Theme’s that are out dated.  Some side advise here is if you have some specially changed things on your site do a Backup again before you complete this.  Themes break WordPress just as fast if not faster than Plugins.
  7. Make a final Backup Copy of your Website as a final copy for the day.  You never know what tomorrow will bring!

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