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Updating Essential Add-ons for Elementor Just Borked My Site!

(Edited 10/19/2020)

So you updated Essential Add-ons for Elementor and your site just Borked (Broke) all which ways. CSS Slammed to the left side of the Page, One Module you used on half of the site is now just all over in the Template Box you put it in, or worse the whole site won’t load at all and you don’t have a backup. Well… You are in some luck as you have some things to try here. Never do we say things are over until we say they are, right! There’s always Help For WordPress on too.

You will first want to go into your WordPress Dashboard and navigate like this WordPress Dashboard -> Essential Add-ons -> Tools -> JS Print Method ‘External File’ -> Save Settings. After this, I would suggest click Regenerate Assets just for good measure.

If that didn’t work then make sure you cleared the cache of your Content Delivery Network and also any Cache Plugins you have installed on the site. This will ensure all of the regenerating and clearing of internal files you did is cleared from their cache too. Most CDN’s will automatically grab your .js and .css files without any input from you to assist in making your site faster for users. It like most measures to assist in site speed have an inherent downside.

If all else fails then I am betting the people over at will get you straightened out. If you have a Subscription Plan with though we will handle it for you and probably already know there is an issue. As we are on your site 24/7 monitoring and surfing through pages to see if errors occur.

*Disclaimer* The Help 4 Network and Help 4 WordPress Receive NO Referral or Paid Promotion for this post. We are just avid users and lovers of Elementor and the Various Plugins like Essential Add-ons for Elementor by Even when we hate it because it broke on us lol!

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Who should I turn to for WordPress Help?

So why is it important for me to know what I am looking for in the person or company I get WordPress Help from? First its because your time is worth as much as theirs is. This is something that higher-end developers and designers sometimes forget when handling clients. So make sure they respect your time. Next, ensure they have done other websites or have worked for companies that you have actually heard of and can verify work with. Here at Help 4 WordPress, we have a list of clients that will gladly answer their phone and say they are a proud client of Help 4 WordPress and absolutely love the work we do. So even if it isn’t us make sure the person or agency you work with can do the same. If they can’t, RUN!!!!

Now we also want to make sure that language is not a barrier. That goes both with English Speaking Customers and Non-English. Make sure you and the person or team you hire are completely firing on the same wavelength here. Getting WordPress Help is hard enough when the person you are speaking with doesn’t understand anything you are saying. Doesn’t matter what language you speak, frustration knows no borders. Here at Help 4 WordPress we simply want to help everyone with their WordPress Issues. Even if that means pointing you to one of our competitors or even to a completely different platform than WordPress.

So with Help 4 WordPress just simply wanting to Help You With Your WordPress Issues and Help for WordPress is what we will do. Why not simply contact us and ask the question, Can you Help Me with My WordPress? I am betting we can Help with your WordPress. If we can’t we bet we know who can!


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How Protecting Your WordPress Now Can Save You Large Amounts In The Future

Recently a known and widely used WordPress Plugin Named FileManager has come under fire for some pretty lose ways it can be exploited. Even more so the slowness in the Designers and Developers that use it to attempt to patch the vulnerability to protect their clients is insane. Designers and Developers have known about this issue for months and have done little to nothing about it. At the time of writing this, the new version 6.9 is 8 hours old and should correct most of the ways attackers are gaining access to these sites.

However the sites that have Help 4 WordPress w/Silver or higher Monthly Membership’s have been protected since this exploit was found and brought to light. The Web Application Firewall we use to protect our clients is from a top notch supplier that we cannot name as we do not have their permissions, but we have personally had some of our “GREY HAT” tech’s attempt to bypass this companies setup with little to no luck in most field studies. Not to say that it doesn’t happen because no lock is 100%.

With that said we also have the same company to clean up sites when the Web Application Firewall (WAF) isn’t enough. Then we add in the daily backup’s we do on all of our systems for every site we have on our systems. (Hosting requires Silver Monthly Package or Higher) So with all of the ways we protect our clients from the hazards of owning a WordPress Website or ANY WEBSITE for that matter, why would you ever allow any cut rate company handle your biggest or 2nd biggest revenue streams you have?

Currently running 50% OFF all Tokens and Monthly Packages for Visit the SHOP to see what will help get your online presence going today! Remember that Diamond and Platinum include SEO Services!

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Why WordPress Owner’s Need to Learn What A ‘CVE’ Is!

Hi and welcome to another great post from the Help 4 Network. Today we will be looking at why EVERY WordPress Owner should know not only what “CVE” stands for, but also a good understanding of how to keep updated on where to find these “CVE”.

So the first thing I would say on the board is, WHAT IS A CVE?? Shortly put it stands for “Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures”. Now I bet that made ZERO Sense. So the longer version is these are the ways that are commonly known around the Internet of how to break in, make changes too, and over all mess with what ever piece of software we are talking about. In this case WordPress.

Now for “Why should I bother to keep up on this?” Well if you DO NOT HAVE A WAF (Check out our F.A.Q. for explanation) you will want to stay on these types of websites 24/7. Because you won’t have someone watching your back to make sure these ways are blocked and hackers can’t mess with your website. Now we all know we don’t have time to watch our websites 24/7. So why not have the peice of mind and let Help4 WordPress take care of that site?

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How-To Update WordPress Safely

How-To Update WordPress Safely

We all know how scary this task can be. Making sure to backup before you get started is key though. Now what if you can't do it on your own with the follow information? Let The Help4 Team give you a hand!

Now To Help Get The Rest Of Us Going

  1. Ensure to have at least a backup copy of the “wp-content” and the SQL Database.
  2. Ensure the “Core Version” of WordPress is updated.  This will aid if there are errors and making sure the newest core features are around to assist.
  3. Update the Plugin’s that aren’t part of any other plugin first.  Say the Plugin you use for backing up you WordPress or the Limit Login Plugin you use.
  4. Update the Plugins that support other Plugins like all of the extra Plugins you need to run Woocommerce.  I.E. Payment Gateways or others.
  5. Now we update the “LARGE PLUGINS” like Woocommerce and anything else that requires other things to be updated first.
  6. The last update we do is to any Theme’s that are out dated.  Some side advise here is if you have some specially changed things on your site do a Backup again before you complete this.  Themes break WordPress just as fast if not faster than Plugins.
  7. Make a final Backup Copy of your Website as a final copy for the day.  You never know what tomorrow will bring!