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Christine Barclay
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Every since we lost our website person, I thought I was going to lose the business. If it weren’t for Phil and his amazing team, I would not even have access to my own website! Now, I am the happiest person on the planet. So glad I went with the Platinum Package, because I don’t even have to think about it anymore. I send them a ticket, they get it done before I have time to send them another one!
Jason Pierre
Actor & GM
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These guys are the truth. It’s like having the Dream Team behind you. Anything I can think of, they can make it happen. Not only that, but the turnaround it’s unbelievable. These guys KNOW what they’re doing.
Jennifer Martin
Read More is hands down the best service I have experienced fixing my website issues. I received top notch assistance from Brian. He is a skilled communicator, creative, and I was blow away about his knowledge of the website backend and how he solved several of my entrepreneurial questions. Plus he was able to steer me in the right direction concerning design with trending colors and landing pages. His work exceeded my expectation. I am so pleased that I hired these guys because I am so happy with my finished masterpiece!!!
Om Jae
Assistant Artistic Director
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This has been my savior. Everything I don’t know how to do, they do.
Pam G.
Creative Director
Read More has taken away our need to be forced to find a new Web Developer all of the time or be told again and again that one Developer won't work on another Developer's website.  Help4WordPress takes on anything we throw at them.  We wouldn't be around without our Gold Monthly Package.

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